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Organizing Committee

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PhD. Lozano-Rogado, J. (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Al-Kassir, A. (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Brito, P. (C3i/IPP, Portugal) 

PhD. Canito Lobo, J. L. (University of Extremadura, Spain)

PhD. Lafta, W. M. (ASME, IEEE, UoIE, IIE, NSECP, AASCIT Member, Australia)

PhD. António Vieira de Castro, Leading researcher of GILT Group, (ISEP, IPP, Portugal)

PhD. Casquilho, M. (Lisbon University, Portugal) 

PhD. González Carrasco, I. (University Carlos III, Spainl) 

PhD. Costa, C. (Salamanca University, Spain) 

PhD. Cuadros, P. (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Domínguez, J. R. (Extremadura University, Spain) 

PhD. Suárez Rivero, J.P. (University of de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

PhD. Fernández, J. (University of Oviedo, Spain)

PhD. Jacob, S. (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil)

PhD. Jesus, M. (Lisbon University, Portugal)

PhD. López, F. (Extremadura University, Spain) 

PhD. Macías, A. (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Montero García, G. (SIAN, University of las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

PhD. Marcos, F. (Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain)

PhD. Márquez, M. C. (Salamanca University, Spain) 

PhD. Merchán García, M. P. (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Montejo, C. (Salamanca University, Spain) 

PhD. Moreira, J. (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil)

PhD. Rodrigues, L. (C3i/IPP, Portugal)

PhD. David Juan Greiner Sánchez (SIAN, University of las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

PhD. Sá, C. (ISEP/IPP, Portugal) 

PhD. Sabio Rey, E. (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Salamanca, S.  (Extremadura University, Spain)

PhD. Silva, L. (ISEP/IPP, Portugal)

PhD. Takabi, B. (Texas A&M University, USA)

PhD. Vieira Ferreira, L. F. (Lisbon University, Portugal)


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